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At Pixie, I believe everyone is born beautiful, even though we might have a lil bit of flaws here and there. I believe, all girls has a moment where they shine like a princess. With the help of make-up, and the right outfit, you will be looking picture perfect in no time !

Pixie offers make up and hairstyling services around the Klang Valley for events such as wedding, photo shoot, college prom night,company annual dinner and any other reason that a girl would like themselves to be looking beautiful for.

Wondering how these girls and ladies looked like after a make over session by Pixie? Please feel free to email me for sample photos.
Other than makeup services, Pixie will soon be launching Wedding / Evening Dress for rent or purchase services ! We will keep you informed when it is officially launched !

If you believe in Pixie's capabilities to transform you into a gorgeous looking lady, please feel free to contact Pixie by clicking here, Drop Pixie A Line...

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